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Permit Tech Chapter
North Central Texas Permit Tech Chapter is happy to announce that we have scheduled a 2-day ‘How To Become a Permit Tech’ training seminar on Thursday, March 29th.  This course if for anyone preparing for the International Code Council (ICC) Permit Technician Certification Exam.  Registration for this event may be extended, but is currently through March 15th.

for Non-Members


for NCTPTC Members


ICC Certified Permit Technician



60 multiple-choice questions

Exam fee $199.00

Open book - 2 hour time limit



General Administration 39%

Legal Aspects 22%

Plans and Documents 25%

Zoning and Site Development 14%



2015 IBC Chapters 1-3, 6 & 12

2002 Legal Aspects of code Administration

Basic Code Enforcement - 8th printing or later

2015 IZC  


Use the ICC Online Campus Permit Technician Study Assistance (Not Free)

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Study The Code  -  (Not Free)


Purchase Online Quizzes for Many Types of Exams at England Training - (Not Free)




New Reference Rule has Big Implications

After careful consideration, the Certification Committee has created a new rule for exam candidates in the National Certification and National Contractor/Trades Programs: starting May 1, exam candidates may take any copyrighted, bound reference into a test site (excludes Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II exams). The new rule is expected to shorten the check-in time prior to exams and will allow test-takers to use the edition they’re most familiar with.

Test questions will continue to come only from those references listed in the bulletins as approved for specific exams, and challenges to exam questions may only relate to those approved references. For more information, please email us at or call us at 1-888-422-7233 ext. 5524.



For more information go to the ICC website:


To schedule your exam contact Pearson Vue:  or call 1-800-275-8301



Don't forget to renew your Certification!  Attend our Chapter training for your CEU's

ICC Certification Renewal Options


Additional Certification Information
ICC Certified Zoning Inspector

50 Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Fee:  $199
Open Book - 2 hour time limit

2012 or 2015 International Zoning Code
2002 Legal Aspects of Code Administration

Content Area:
Legal Aspects of Zoning Inspection         28%
Administrative Aspects of Zoning Insp.   14%
Plan Zoning                                           16%
Development Regulations                       22%
      Sign Regulations                                        20%        

ICC Code Specialist Module

75 Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Fee: $130
Open Book - 2 hour time limit

8 Books:
2015 International Building Code
2015 International Fire Code
2012 Building Department Admin. 4th Ed.
2015 International Property Maintenance Code
Human Resources Mgmt for Public & Non-Profit
2002 Legal Aspects of Code Administration
A Budgeting Guide for Local Government 3rd Ed.
Inspector Skills

Content Area:
Customer Service & Communication     31%
Financial Management                         11%
Personnel Management                       25%
Records Management                               9%
Code Enforcement                               24%

New Certification Is Here!   Permit Technician Specialist! 

Once you have elevated your knowledge, ability and skill as a Permit Technician, you might like to raise the level of your certification to Permit Specialist. Permit Specialist is a Certification Combination Designation requiring multiple examinations.  Candidates must pass both Permit Technician and the Code Specialist exams, and candidates must hold current certification in both categories to meet applicable requirements.  So after you acquire certification as a Code Specialist in addition to Permit Technician, you can apply for Permit Specialist.  To receive the Permit Specialist certification you must submit the completed Certification Combination Desigation Certificatte appliclication with $40 fee .

The Code Specialist module is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge of the legal concerns, management issues, budget, communication skills as well as building construction that are necessary.  Once you are a ‘Certified Permit Specialist and decide you want to move into another ‘Specialist Certification’, for example, ‘Residential Code Specialist’, you would need to pass only the residential exam. 

You may wish to reference the National Certification Exam Catalog with the most current information online at the Internation Code Council website at